The Flight Instructor's Manual, 6th Edition

The Flight Instructor’s Manual, 6th edition. Second favorite of William K. Kershner (after the Student Pilot’s Flight Manual), this book is designed for both the pilot getting the CFI certificate and the active instructor. Detailed insight on teaching and the duties and responsibilities of a CFI are discussed. You'll find that this book is written in defined sections the instructor can refer to as he or she takes the student through the many phases of learning. These areas include first flight, second flight, high work, shooting takeoffs and landings, to name just a few of the private pilot items. Sections on advanced instruction, including instrument flying, spins, and introductory aerobatics (the last two with a syllabus), are included.

The active instructor will be able to refer to the specific sections for tips on specific instructional areas. This is particularly useful if he or she hasn’t taught that subject in awhile, e.g., spins.

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Enjoyable and safe flying!

Bill Kershner (William C. Kershner)

Sewanee, Tennessee