The Student Pilot's Flight Manual, 11th edition

The newest edition of this classic flight manual starts off with some important, but too often overlooked, points of flying (headwork, air discipline and personal attitude) and follows up with the details of how an airplane flies. The book then continues through an entire flight training program ending with preparation for the private pilot practical test (the check ride). A complete syllabus is included.

Part 5, for example, describes the details of cross-country and night flying. The reader is taken through the basics of navigation, charts and radio usage. There’s a sample flight (Sewanee, Tennessee-Maury County, Tennessee-Huntsville, Alabama-Sewanee) with an annotated sectional chart with photos showing how each check point and landmark along the route actually appears from the air.

The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual is also useful to a certificated pilot returning to flying after a long layoff or a current pilot wanting to brush up for the (biennial) flight review.

Over the years, many people have commented how William K. Kershner’s writing style made what had been a confusing topic more easily understood. That tradition continues in the 11th edition.

Cover photos: upper by Mike Fizer, lower by Donna Kershner.