Welcome to Kershner Flight Manuals

These books, written, revised and updated over a period of almost 60 years, use the experience of two pilots and over 22,000 hours of flight instructing and flying airplanes ranging from 40 HP Piper Cub J-2’s to Boeing 777’s. Based on the original texts by William K Kershner, the latest editions have been updated by William C. Kershner. With over 1.4 million copies sold, these have influenced the flying of hundreds of thousands of pilots.

There are 6 books available:

The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual, 11th edition

The Instrument Flight Manual, 8th edition

The Advanced Pilot’s Flight Manual, 9th edition

The Flight Instructor’s Manual, 6th edition

The Basic Aerobatic Manual, 3rd edition

Logging Flight Time (anecdotes and thoughts from W.K. Kershner’s 60 years in aviation).

Pictured above is the March 13th, 2007 delivery of N7557L to Dulles International Airport for its installation into the National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy center. My son and I are shown taxiing north on taxiway Zulu for delivery at Landmark Aviation for aircraft prepping (draining fuel, etc). We had flown VFR into what is now the SFRA ("sifra") around Washington, DC. This was two months after William K. Kershner's death.
It's a great honor to have 57L on display with so many historically important airplanes and space craft. Photo by Dane Penland.